The music world has at times been accused of producing quite a lot of the exact same thing. There are so many bands in every genre that come out each year, sounding just like bands that were new last year. This is not confined to one style of music, but has been true of country bands, pop bands, punk bands, folk bands, and all the rest. There is just this tendency to produce music that sounds like someone else's music, probably in the hopes that it will sell when it hits the shelves. However, there are some record labels that have tried to release new music, that have tried to find bands that sound different and push the music scene in new and exciting directions. Boobytrap Records was one such label, and the music world has lost quite a lot of enthusiasm and ingenuity now that the record company is no more.

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Boobytrap Records was founded in 2000, in the month of October. Perhaps being founded near such a strange holiday as Halloween contributed to their desire for innovative new sounds. Whatever the reason, these were the kinds of sounds that they were searching for, and they made no secret of this fact. They started small, as many labels do, and worked their way up to releasing full albums, all the time looking for the type of talent that they were interested in. This took time, but they were willing to wait. They had a plan and a dream and they were not willing to compromise.

The record company was founded by Huw Stephens, of Radio 1, which airs on the BBC. Huw was one of the youngest radio personalities ever, starting when he was only nineteen. Some of this spunk and youth can be seen to have influenced Boobytrap Records, since it was founded when Huw was only twenty-one. From working on the radio and around the music scene, Huw was well-versed in the way typical music was put together, and in the way that typical record companies were run. Having seen this gave him the ability and desire to be a part of Boobytrap Records, and to run it the way that he wanted to run it.

When it began, the record label was known as the Boobytrap Singles Club, and it produced only singles and not full length albums. At this stage, they produced singles by The Keys, Mclusky, and Zabrinski, along with a number of others. This was seen as the first stage, however, and not the top of the line for Boobytrap Records. There was much more to come, and they fought their way upward, wanting to release full length material that could push their artists towards fame and success.

Once it had grown to be a full-sized record company, intent on producing albums and not just singles, Boobytrap Records worked with the music of, among others, attack+defend, Richard James, Ninjah, and the Boyfriends. These were bands that, like Boobytrap Records, were striving to be unique. They wanted to add something to music, to give their personal touch and change something. This was what Boobytrap Records believed in, and they worked with these bands to that end for as long as they were in business.

The reasons for their fall are many and yet simple. It is just hard to sustain a record company that makes its living off of signing bands outside of the mainstream, because these sort of bands do not have as wide of a fan base. They may have very dedicated fans, but there are not enough of them to bring in the same amount of revenue that the bigger, mainstream bands can. This made it hard for a record company that had to spend so much of its time looking for new talent to stay afloat. They made it through the year 2007, but that was their last year as a business.

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